A new year
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Strip Number 419
Arc Let it snow!
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They started it Old habits are hard to break

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Jacob: "For my News Year's Resolution, I vow..."
Panel 2
Max: "To be kinder and gentler to all!"
Panel 3
Tiffany: "To eat my weight in jellybeans!"
Panel 4
Roddy: "To finally get the respect I deserve."
Panel 5
Dionne: "To stop being so darn nice."
Panel 6
Suzette: "To bite people who disagree with me."
Panel 7
Autumn: "To keep up with my research!"
Panel 8
Bud: "To not get caught."

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400+ strips in 365 days of existence. This strip lives up to its name!

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Trivia Edit

This is the first strip of 2010, the one year anniversary of the release of the comic. This date does not match it's url date because the comic originally used a non date based, as the comic was not always a daily release so the back dated from before the turn over are no accurate.

The extra comics mentioned in the alt text include Copper Road strips.

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