Completely uncivilized
Precocious Strip
807-Mitzy Bard
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Strip Number 807
Arc The end of the school year
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Ice cream social You'll never be free

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Ms. Bard: "Kids! Kids! Stop this at once! This is all completely uncivilized!"
Panel 2
Ms. Bard: "Stop stealing out food and get back to your own classroom!
Panel 3
(off panel): "Bette! Why aren't you controlling your class? Get them out of here!"
Panel 4
Ms. Monster: "But I wanted ice cream too..."
Ms. Bard: "Argh!"

Alt text Edit

At least this raid didn't end with you tied up, third grade teacher

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Third grade classroom (Classroom 202) at Poppinstock Academy

Trivia Edit

This is the first appearance of the third grade teacher Mitzy Bard.

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