Fe fi fo fum, I smell - ooh, paninis!
Precocious Strip
73-Joseph Oven
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Strip Number 73
Arc Gender Wars
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...although I haven't checked in a while. Eggplant is still a crime

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
(off panel): "Greetings, Autumn! I'm Joseph Oven! Sorry it took so long for formal introductions. When I put myself in a bubble to work, time just flies by!"
Autumn: "Woah. Hi. It's OK."
Panel 2
Joseph: "It's always great when Bud gets a new friend!"
Panel 3
Autumn: "This is exciting! I'm finally meeting the parents! Last night I meet Mr. Et for the first time!"
Joseph: "Oh, Gene? Good man."
Panel 4
Joseph: "He's like part of the family!"
(off panel): "Funny you say that..."

Alt text Edit

This man can eat you in one bite!

Cast Edit

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Location Edit

Oven residence in Sapphire Lake

Trivia Edit

This is the First appearance of Joseph Oven

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