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Intellectual Superiority
Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 13
Arc Gender Wars
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The Recruitment Drive You'd Think She'd Be Memorable...

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Suzette: "You're wasting your time trying recruit like this."
Panel 2
Suzette: "The simple minds of the rabble cannot possible help you. Their inferior brains lack the ability to think at the level you need."
Panel 3
Suette: "You go to the Poppinstock Academy, Autumn—a school for the intellectually superior! To win, you must fight genius with genius!"
(off panel): "OK, that's great..."
Panel 4
Autumn: "Now who are you?"

Alt text Edit

You can't get blood from a turniphead

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Outside the Linkletter residence.

Trivia Edit

Suzette Grady's first appearance

External link Edit

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