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Karma and Crystals
Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 1144
Arc Take Your Daughter to Work Day
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The boy's club Rhinestones

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Candy: "You know I wanted you, Teeny, but she insisted."
Panel 2
Candy: "It's probably for the best, as I have private consults scheduled. You'd end up spending all day bonding with the law books and vending machines."
Panel 3
Candy: "Still..."
Panel 4
(off panel): "Sometimes boredom isn't the worst thing."
(narration): Karma & Crystals. Books, Teas, Incense & Goods for the soul!

Alt text Edit

The best qi in all the mini-mall!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Referenced Characters Edit

Location Edit

Karma & Crystals

Trivia Edit

This is the first appearance of Candy Givens.

You might know 'Qi'(氣) as 'Chi'

External link Edit

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