Precocious: #1001–1100
Strip Title Arc Cast Location
1001 What a party! Silly Things Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1002 Good parenting Silly Things Sydney, Bud
1003 It begins... Silly Things Tiffany, Ivy
1004 The good life Silly Things Gene, The Et twins, Sky
1005 A good nap Silly Things Ivy, Autumn, Bud
1006 The wrong audience Silly Things Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Bud
1007 Revenge fuel Silly Things Deirdre, Jacob
1008 Read more books! Silly Things Soren, Ivy
1009 A big day planned Death from Above! Ms. Monster
1010 Look up Death from Above! Ms. Monster, Jacob, Autumn
1011 Good weapons Death from Above! Ms. Monster, Bud, Yvette, Tiffany
1012 Got it! Death from Above! Kaitlyn, Roddy, Suzette
1013 The Hero Death from Above! Jacob, Max, Vincent, Bud, Ms.Monster
1014 The barrage Death from Above! Jacob, Bud, Ms. Monster, Suzette
1015 The day is saved! Death from Above! Ms. Monster, Dionne, Ms. Bard, Bud, Autumn
1016 Extended family The dinner party Bud, Autumn, Casey
1017 Avoiding the reunion The dinner party Bud, Autumn, Casey, Tiffany
1018 Nearest relatives The dinner party Bud, Autumn
1019 Sapphire Lake family The dinner party Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Casey
1020 Potluck The dinner party Bud, Autumn
1021 Bait and switch The dinner party Ivy, Soren, Deirdre, Harvey, Gene, Sky, Bud, Joseph, Sydney
1022 Pressured guests The dinner party Casey, Bud
1023 A true representation The dinner party Sydney, Bud
1024 A man of contradictions The dinner party Joseph, Sydney
1025 Very us The dinner party Gene, Sky
1026 Beans The dinner party Soren, Ivy
1027 Deirdre in demand The dinner party Ivy, Deirdre, Sky
1028 Jerk The dinner party Deirdre, Sky
1029 Gingerbread crumbles The dinner party Deirdre, Sky
1030 Family support The dinner party Jacob, Deirdre, Harvey
1031 The Perfect Dish The dinner party Sky, Ivy, Soren
1032 Side Dish The dinner party Ivy, Soren
1033 Appetizer The dinner party Sky, Gene
1034 Something we all love The dinner party Harvey, Deirdre
1035 The parents are fighting The dinner party Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany
1036 Casey's dish The dinner party Casey, Jacob, Bud
1037 Feeding the horde The dinner party Tiffany, Michelangelo, Sky
1038 No big loss The dinner party Ivy, Soren, Autumn
1039 Whaddaya know The dinner party Deirdre, Harvey, Jacob
1040 Dr. Oven the elder The dinner party Bud, Joseph
1041 Not much of a meal The dinner party Joseph, Casey, Gene, Sky, Deirdre, Harvey, Ivy, Soren
1042 Sydney's contribution The dinner party Joseph, Sydney, Casey, Harvey, Ivy, Hostess (Tipper Namir)
1043 Money! The dinner party Sydney
1044 Monday Snow day Autumn, Bud
1045 Tuesday Snow day Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany, Soren, Ivy
1046 Wednesday Snow day Ms. Bard, Ms. Monster
1047 Thursday Snow day Autumn, Tiffany, Bud, Jacob
1048 Friday Snow day Ms. Monster
1049 Saturday Snow day Autumn, Soren
1050 Sunday Snow day Autumn, Ivy
1051 Not Jacob Decoy Bud, Decoy Jacob (unnamed)
1052 Decoy Decoy Decoy Jacob (unnamed), Jacob, Tiffany, Bud
1053 Field Testing Decoy Suzette, Decoy Jacob, Bud, Jacob
1054 Punching bag Decoy Bud, Decoy Jacob, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1055 The Perfect Friend Decoy Bud, Decoy Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Jacob
1056 Inflatable Doppelganger Decoy Decoy Jacob, Jacob, Bud, Autumn, Tiffany
1057 We're sorry, Jacob Decoy Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Tiffany
1058 Cold Snap Cold Snap Jacob
1059 Warm in bed Cold Snap Deirdre, Jacob, Harvey
1060 Start a fire Cold Snap Gene, Tiffany, Sky, Michelangelo (Captain Fireball)
1061 Heating a house Cold Snap Autumn, Ivy, Soren
1062 Brrr! Cold Snap Autumn, Bud
1063 Escape the cold Cold Snap Bud, Autumn, Joseph
1064 Crank it up Cold Snap Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Jacob
1065 Choose your weapons! Dueling Autumn, Bud, Jacob, Tiffany
1066 Dueling Dueling Kaitlyn, Bud
1067 Fashion fight! Dueling Dionne, Suzette, Max
1068 Foam darts Dueling Max, Roddy, Dionne
1069 Challenge me Dueling Gene, Sky
1070 Remote control Dueling Soren, Autumn
1071 Turn and fire! Dueling Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1072 Spread the message Fight the Power! Suzette, Jacob
1073 Child labor Fight the Power! Suzette, Jacob
1074 A noble protest Fight the Power! Suzette, Bystanders (unnamed), Jacob
1075 Beware Fast Food Fight the Power! Jacob, Suzette
1076 An important protest Fight the Power! Jacob, Suzette
1077 The glass ceiling Fight the Power! Suzette, Jacob
1078 Righteousness Fight the Power! Suzette, Jacob, Officer Dawson
1079 A special guest Your Future Career Ms. Monster, Ms. Hillburn (unnamed), Autumn, Bud
1080 Ms. Hillburn Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Ms. Monster
1081 Career Aptitude Test Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Ms. Monster, Vincent
1082 Future paths Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Vincent
1083 500 Questions Your Future Career Dionne, Ms. Hillburn, Jacob
1084 Use the bat Your Future Career Xander, Kaitlyn, Suzette, Ms. Hillburn, Ms. Monster
1085 Into the computer lab Your Future Career Joseph, Ms. Hillburn, Ms. Monster
1086 An adaptive test Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Tiffany
1087 Tough questions Your Future Career Dionne, Yvette, Bud, Autumn
1088 Nearing the end Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Max, Jacob, Roddy
1089 The last question Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Joseph
1090 That wasn't so bad! Your Future Career Ms. Monster, Suzette, Roddy, Kaitlyn, Max, Vincent, Autumn, Yvette, Bud, Xander, Dionne, Tiffany, Quincy, Jacob, Ms. Hillburn, Joseph
1091 Processing the results Your Future Career Ms. Hillburn, Tiffany, Roddy, Ms. Monster, Joseph, Kaitlyn
1092 I have to ask Your Future Career Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1093 Standard questions Your Future Career Kaitlyn, Quincy, Vincent, Xander, Roddy, Yvette
1094 Janitors Your Future Career Ms. Monster, Ms. Hillburn, Joseph
1095 Agent Roddy Your Future Career Dionne, Roddy, Max
1096 These can't be right Your Future Career Max, Dionne
1097 Tiffany's future Your Future Career Tiffany, Jacob, Ms. Monster, Ms. Hillburn, Joseph
1098 Not a chef Your Future Career Kaitlyn, Bud, Jacob
1099 Autumn's career Your Future Career Autumn, Ms. Monster
1100 An affliction Your Future Career Xander, Yvette, Kaitlyn, Vincent, Autumn

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