"Commiepingo"10 FEET, MAX!13 Smiling Faces, Part 1
25 Rules for Smarty KidsACTING!AUGH
A declaration of loveA new yearA promise is a promise
A responsible adultA special guestA wasted rant
AdultsAll About the ViolenceAlways a Hoot at Parties
An Oven ConvergenceAnother villain enters the sceneAutumn Pingo
Back to school with RoddyBench buddiesBirthday Shenanigans
Break WeekBreak week 1Bud Oven
Campaign PostersCaped crusaderCarried away
Caryn and Robert CrupCasey's returnCasey Oven
Cheating the SystemChiller FontChoose your weapons!
Chris PaulsenCold SnapCold Snap (strip)
Comic stripsCommiepingo (strip)Completely uncivilized
Copper RoadCute and scaredDecoy
Decoy (strip)Deirdre and Harvey LinkletterDiamond Bluffs
Diamond Bluffs vs Sapphire Lake: A Socioeconomic GameDid we forget something?Digging a hole
Dionne CrupDisorganized SportsDueling
Dueling (strip)EVIL!Easy target
Emerald WoodsEmoticonEsme Blessure
Et weekEternal boredom = Eternal life?Fe fi fo fum, I smell - ooh, paninis!
Fear the lightFearsomely cuteFrida Et
Gag-a-day MayGemstone EstatesGender Wars
Gene's shirtsGeneral randomnessGingerbread crumbles
Girls! Girls! Girls!GradesGroup Projects
Guest strip by Carl Sjostrand IIGuest strip by Irene PitcairnGuest strip by Mat Sherer
Happy nowHeld backHello strange kids
Hey, batter batter!Hiram HuI'm outta here!
I didn't think she was *capable* of anger.I have regretsIce cream social
Intellectual SuperiorityInterruptionIs something wrong?
It's No Fun Being a Grown-up/Bright Kids, Big CityIt's Summer!It's so... quiet
It's summerIt begins...It must be the freckles
Ivy and Soren PingoIvy has no lifeJacob Linkletter
Kaitlyn HuKarma and CrystalsLet it snow!
Let it snow! (strip)LiberatedList of Precocious comics 1-100
List of Precocious comics 1001-1100List of Precocious comics 101-200List of Precocious comics 1101-1200
List of Precocious comics 1201-1300List of Precocious comics 1301-1400List of Precocious comics 1401-1500
List of Precocious comics 1501-1600List of Precocious comics 1601-1700List of Precocious comics 1701-1800
List of Precocious comics 1801-1900List of Precocious comics 1901-2000List of Precocious comics 2001-2100
List of Precocious comics 201-300List of Precocious comics 301-400List of Precocious comics 401-500
List of Precocious comics 501-600List of Precocious comics 601-700List of Precocious comics 701-800
List of Precocious comics 801-900List of Precocious comics 901-1000Little actors
Location Location LocationMY kitchenMain cast
Max ZeitMeet the Et swarmMeet the kids of Precocious
Meeting the Precocious parentsMerchandisingMichelangelo Et
MikeMinor castMonday
Ms. Hillburn (strip)Ms. MonsterMy Father's Son
NNNNEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDSSSSSS!!!NiceNot to be confused with the super villain onion
Now we're getting somewhere!One last thingOne signed contract
Orchard ManorPaid Leave (disambiguation)Parent/child relationships
Party crashersParty crashers (strip)Passport please!
Peanut butter politicsPersonal space invadersPlay with the big kids
Poor KaitlynPoppinstock AcademyPrecocious
Precocious Card Game ProjectPrecocious WikiPunctuality Through Deception
PunishmentPunishment (strip)Quincy Wozwax
Request Week 1: Jacob winningRequest Week 2: Yvette riding FluttershyRequest Week 3: Precocious greeting cards
Request Week 4: The kids as teenagersRequest Week 5: NinjasRequest Week 6: Musical instruments?
Request Week 7: A time machine is builtRhinestonesRighteousness
Roddy's departureRoddy FinneganRoddy arrives
Rule 1Rule 16Rule 19
Rule 2Rule 25Rule 4
Rule 7Rule 8Safety first!
Sapphire LakeShift's overShii Ann Hu
Shoveling!Sisterly loveSky and Gene Et
SoldSolo stripsSpace Invader
Story arcsSubstitute teacherSummer Blockbuster
Summer projectsSupervillain UnionSupporting cast
Suzette's houseSuzette GradySydney Oven: Awesome Mother
TV ResearchThat wasn't so bad!The *other* classmates
The AgentsThe Bachelor Life 1The Et twins
The Genius ChallengeThe InternEtThe Missing Link
The On Cue Ball (strip)The Supervillain Union - EVIL!The Supervillain Union Returns!
The aftermathThe bombs are comingThe finalists
The forgotten Et daughterThe higher upsThe ivory tower
The most shameless comic yet!The next stepThe spirit of capitalism
The uninvitedThe world is safe againThere sits a broken woman
They're joking. Don't call Social Services.They Don't ExistThey did it again!
They remember your name, so that's progress...Those bridges, and that house, are burnedThose eyes!
Tiff's buttonTiffany EtTis the season
Trapped in a nightmareUNIONUh oh week
Uh oh week 4Uncle MikeUncle Mike (strip)
Unexpected guestsUp in Diamond BluffsUrsula Xane
Ursula Xane (strip)VincentVincent's gift
Vincent (strip)Vincent IddensteinWe'd even skip your party, and we're your parents
We were warned about thisWen? Right now!Wen Hu
What is it I do?Who the heck are they!?!Xander Upton
Yeah, I Could Kill PeopleYou don't like chocolate!?You don't like chocolate!? (strip)
Your valiant cartoonistYvette Nutley
File:1-All About the Violence.pngFile:1003-Avatar state.pngFile:1029-Deirdre fail.png
File:1044-skipping.pngFile:1052-Decoy.pngFile:1058-Cold snap.png
File:106-Roddy.jpgFile:1065-For the cause.pngFile:1078-Dawson.png
File:1080-Ms Hillburn.pngFile:1090-Silently Juding.pngFile:1112-Birthday.png
File:1145-Eva Nutley.pngFile:1147-Hippie Yvette.pngFile:1152-Don Grady.png
File:1164-Action.pngFile:118.jpgFile:1182-Timely call.png
File:1197-Xander nomore.pngFile:1224-Blackout.pngFile:1225-Blame Jacob.png
File:123-Pingos.jpgFile:1235-Bright light.pngFile:1239-The Night.png
File:1241-SLI.pngFile:1250-Pressure from above.pngFile:1266-Shift change.png
File:1275-Gingerfox.pngFile:1282-Ursula Xane.pngFile:1292-Downlow.png
File:1292-Secrets-meme.jpgFile:1309-Fast learner.pngFile:132-outsider.jpg
File:1320-Casey's room.pngFile:1335-TGIF.pngFile:1346-Doom.png
File:1348-Esme Blessure.pngFile:1352-Madeline Finnegan.pngFile:1354-Sadie Grady.png
File:1356-Curtailed.pngFile:1359-Kell Dewclaw.pngFile:1362-Gingerfox.png
File:1367-Magic marker I.pngFile:1368-Magic marker II.pngFile:1371-Missing Cultural Referance.png
File:157-bake-sale.jpgFile:157-bud.jpgFile:161-PTA Dad.png
File:171-kaitlyn.jpgFile:1835-Goldenrod Alert.pngFile:189-Eternitiffany.jpg
File:1934-Raspberry Swirl.pngFile:2-Punctuality Through Deception.pngFile:210-Library-science.jpg
File:499-Group-C.jpgFile:499-quincy.jpgFile:5-Yeah, I Could Kill People.png
File:620-Kaitlyn-incorrect.jpgFile:668-Vincent s-Gift.pngFile:703-Iddenstein.png
File:705-Precocious Souls.pngFile:727.jpgFile:73-Joseph Oven.png
File:735-Ginger-s Beer.pngFile:761-Safe again.pngFile:766-Responsible Adult.png
File:806-Raid.pngFile:807-Mitzy Bard.pngFile:816-cartoonist.png
File:824-Kiss II.pngFile:83-PikaPJs.jpgFile:836-Johnny.png
File:868-Little Actors.pngFile:87-gene-sky.jpgFile:87-harvey-deirdre.jpg
File:913-Kiss III.pngFile:915-Wet dog.pngFile:939-No.png
File:BudOven.pngFile:Budpanel.jpgFile:Copper road title.jpg
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