Meet the Et swarm
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Arc Gender Wars
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Location Location Location Paperwork vs Magical Force Fields

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Sky: "Oh, boys, hi. If you are looking for Tiffany, she was supposed to be with you. Should I be worried?"
Bud: "Everything is under control."
Panel 2
(off panel): "The boys and girls are warring and we must use your house for a base. Parents are needed to supervise and verify rules were properly followed."
(effects): *crash* *thud*
Sky: "Huh?"
Panel 3
(off panel): "We understand the conflict of interest and hope you overlook your own allegiance and allow us to plot in your backyard."
Sky: "Wait. Exactly how much supervision is needed here?"
Panel 4
(off panel): "Sign a paper saying we prepared properly and then we go off to destroy your daughter."
Sky: "If that's all I have to do, you have my blessing."

Alt text Edit

There are 5 ets kids, but it seems like 5! kids. MATH JOKE!

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Location Edit

Et residence in Sapphire Lake

Triva Edit

This is the First appearance of Sky, Michelangelo, Frida and the Et Twins

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