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Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 1292
Arc Gimmie Sheltered
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Evil is everywhere Gender balance

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Max: "I like you, Ursula. You seem very nice. It's refreshing."
Ursula: "What do you mean? What just happened?"
Panel 2
Max: "Well..."
Panel 3
Max: "Um..."
Panel 4
Max: "Not all of them are nice all of the time."
Ursula "Ooooh..."

Alt text Edit

Sometimes, Max gets that 1000-yard stare...

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Referenced Characters Edit

Location Edit

Classroom 201 in Poppinstock Academy.

Triva Edit


Provided frame

The last panel was turned into a replaced text meme. Endorsed by Chris Paulsen with both an provided base image, and a precocious font.

External link Edit

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