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Not to be confused with the super villain onion
Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 113
Arc The Supervillain Union - EVIL!
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Insomniac logic is a special kind of logic EVIL!

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
(narration): Move aside Legion of Doom—it's time for The Supervillain Union!
(narration): Featuring: Dr. Oven, Master of the culinary arts—of DOOM!
Panel 2
(narration): The Scarlet A!
(narration): (The 'A' is for Amoral!)
Panel 3
(narration): The Chaotic Butterfly!
(narration): Who knows what disasters a flap of her wings could bring?
Panel 4
(narration): Together they join forces to vanquish their foe, the storied hero... Some Guy!
Jacob: This is not a fair fight!

Alt text Edit

Autumn is unaware of what that A usually means

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit


Tivia Edit

Autumn's identity is a reference to Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850's work The Scarlet Letter.

Tiffany's identity is a reference to Chaos Theory's Butterfly Effect coined by Edward Lorenz

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