Request Week #3: Precocious greeting cards
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Transcript Edit

(note this comic has a special reading order of in columns rather than rows and this page reflects that)

Panel 1
(narration): Happy Mother's Day!
Panel 2
(narration): please come home. i'm starting to forget your face.
Panel 3
(narration): Target Man can withstand anything
Panel 4
(narration): ...except your rejection. Please be my Valentine!
Panel 5
(narration): I know it's your birthday.
Panel 6
(narration): I also know where you live, where you work, where you were born, what your social security number is, your criminal record, your likes and dislikes, what you did last weekend, what you keep in that box under your bed, your guilty pleasures, that you lied on your last tax return...
Panel 7
(narration): Missing you.
Panel 8
(narration): Wish you were closer to me!

Alt text Edit

I know it's YOUR birthday, but considering the material I have on you, shouldn't you be giving ME a gift?

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