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1145-Eva Nutley
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Strip Number 1145
Arc Take Your Daughter to Work Day
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Karma and Crystals Yvette's busy day

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Candy: "One Teeny delivery for Miss Eva"
(off panel): "Just a minute! I'm in the back!"
Panel 2
Eva: "Sorry! I was making a special name tag rhinestone name tag for Yvette and I got carried away!"
Panel 3
Eva: "But isn't it lovely? Amethyst goes great with her soul!"
Candy: "You're so cute."
Panel 4
(off panel): "I can make one for you too, Candy!"
Candy: "Sorry. I work best without a soul."

Alt text Edit

Haha! Lawyer joke!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Karma & Crystals

Trivia Edit

This is the first appearance of Eva Nutley.

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