Rule #4
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Arc Parent/child relationships
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Genius Cooking: It's ALWAYS Brain Food if You Make it! This is pretty much the Et house, all the time

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Ivy: "What are you kids doing?"
Bud: "Gathering supplies."
Panel 2
Ivy: "Supplies for what?"
Tiffany: "We're playing Nobel scientists."
Panel 3
Ivy: "Nobel prize-winning scientists, right?"
Autumn: "Not... exactly..."
Panel 4
Ivy: "Do we remember Rule #4"?
Autumn & Jacob: "No dynamite."
Ivy: "Put it back, kids."

Alt text Edit

Do your research, people! It can cause explosions!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Pingo residence in Sapphire Lake.

Trivia Edit

The first of the 25 Rules for Smarty Kids relieved, also the title of one of Precocious books‏‎

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