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1152-Don Grady
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Strip Number 1152
Arc Take Your Daughter to Work Day
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Cruelty-full The sports star

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Don: "Remember, Suz, this is a construction site."
Panel 2
(off panel): "Goggles on too. Safety first here!"
Panel 3
Don: "OK, now be good and keep away from the other workers."
(off panel): "Huh?"
Panel 4
(off panel): "I'm the Foreman, so my job is to keep things safe and not invite any chaos.
Suzette: "What are you implying?"

Alt text Edit

Things that drive Chrispy mad: When hard hats and animal ears are combined.

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Construction site.

Trivia Edit

This is the first appearance of Suzette's father, Don Grady.

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