Shift's over
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1266-Shift change
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Strip Number 1266
Arc Fine dining
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A bad dish Casey's gone

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Ducky: "I didn't know a Cobb Salad had meat. I'm going vegan, and—"
Casey: "Oh, don't worry!"
Panel 2
Casey: "I'll take this right back to the kitchen, and well—"
(narration): DING!
Casey: "—Mock you for your idiocy, while tainting your meal."
Panel 3
(off panel): "H-how dare you say that!?"
Casey: "My shift is over. It's my last day. I won't be coming back. So what do I care?"

Alt text Edit

Burn that bridge!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

  • Casey Oven
  • Cedric Van Helgen
  • Mallory 'Ducky' Duck

Location Edit

Chez Isabel.

Triva Edit

The diners are Cameos from the web Comic Namir Deiter

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