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Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Jacob: "So this is your house."
(off panel): "What does that mean? Something wrong with it?"
Panel 2
Jacob: "No, um, I mean I've never been here."
(off panel): "I'm so glad you snooty Sapphire Kids are will­ing to go slumming."
Panel 3
Jacob: "Where are your parents?"
(off panel): "My parents work hard, and deserve a night off to go bowling!"
Panel 4
Jacob: "I guess an after‐school snack is out of the question."
(off panel): "Do I look like I'm your slave?"

Alt text Edit

Sit down and don't touch anything!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Off-panel Characters Edit

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Location Edit

The Grady‏‎ residence in Emerald Woods.

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