The Agents
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Strip Number 1241
Arc The Et-Files
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The Tiff is out there Unexplained phenomena

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Bud: "Agents Oven and Pingo, Sapphire Lake Investigation. What happen here, Ma'am?"
(off panel): "Tiff apparently went full crazy. That's what."
Panel 2
Autumn: "“Apparently”?"
Sky: "I didn't exactly see her do it, but now I can't find her, so I'll assume guilt."
Panel 3
Sky: "And why do you care? Aren't you usually her accomplices?"
Panel 4
Bud: "That's the problem!"
Autumn: "Something big happened, and we weren't invited to take part! We want to know why!"

Alt text Edit

If we can't enjoy crime, NO ONE CAN ENJOY CRIME

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Location Edit

The Et residence in Sapphire Lake.

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