The Genius Challenge
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Arc Party crashers
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Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Tiffany: "In going though your stuff, I located these items of interest..."
Panel 2
Tiffany: "Three frisbees, a bag of water ballons, half a croquet set, scarves and a few decks of cards."
Panel 3
Tiffany: "If we can't make a game out of these, we don't deserve to be called geniuses."
Panel 4
Kaitlyn: "But we don't own a croquet set."
Tiffany: "Then may have I looted your neighbors' shed."

Alt text Edit

The Rights have been wronged.

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

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Location Edit

The Hu residence on Copper Road.

Trivia Edit

This is an early mention of a character who will be get a much latter appearance.

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