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1250-Pressure from above
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Arc The Et-Files
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Transcript Edit

Panel 1
(off panel): "Is it true? Did a new panting appear, with Tiff in custody?"
Jacob: "Yes, but it not your problem now, Agents."
Panel 2
Autumn: "But that means she may be innocent!"
Jacob: "Look, you can try to find something, but there's little time."
Panel 3
(off panel): "The people above me want closure. I can't keep them at bay long."
Bud: "Who is doing this?"
Panel 4
Gene: "Us, the ones literally standing over him."
Sky: "Let's close this case."

Alt text Edit

I like the idea of the director walking around with his cardboard box desk and setting up wherever

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Location Edit

Somewhere in Sapphire Lake.

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