We'd even skip your party, and we're your parents
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Arc Birthday Shenanigans
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A good parent can read the subtle signs Even the bright side is dim

Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Ivy: "So a classmate is having a birthday party on Friday as well?"
Autumn: "Yes! And my supposed friends have made it clear whose party they would rather attend."
Soren: "Why not hold something the day before, on your actual birthday?"
Panel 2
Autumn: "And have my pathetic gathering immediate trumped by this? I don't think so!"
Panel 3
Ivy: "The rented a carousel and moon bounce?"
Soren: "That's awesome!"
(off panel): "You're not helping!"

Alt text Edit

Can we go in your place?

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Location Edit

Pingo residence in Sapphire Lake

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