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Strip Number 816
Arc The donation drive
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Transcript Edit

Panel 1
Bud: "You don't think these donations are needed? Just look at the awful, deplorable conditions your valiant cartoonist has to live in!"
Panel 2
(narration): 3rd martini
(narration): Cuban cigar
(narration): Monocle
(narration): Bath tub full of caviar
(narration): Lobster
(narration): Servants off-panel
(narration): Top Hat
(narration): Dom Pérignon
Panel 3
Bud: "Hmm. That may not be the correct photo..."
Autumn: "Whoa."

Alt text Edit

You don't understand how I'm hurting. THAT IS LOW-GRADE CAVIAR!

Cast Edit

Depicted Characters Edit

Location Edit

Unknown [non-canon donation drive]

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