Yvette Daffodil 'Teeny' Nutley
Vital statistics
Age 9
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Housecat (blue tabby)
1st Appear. 13 Smiling Faces, Part 1/The *other* classmates
Neighborhood Copper Road
Parents Eva Nutley (Mother)
Candy Givens (Mother/Aunt)
Other relatives Unnamed Givens (Uncle/Father)

Yvette Daffodil 'Teeny' Nutley is one of the kids in the combined 4th and 5th grade class of Poppinstock Academy. A 9-year-old tabby kitten, Yvette is easily the quietest and most reserved classmate in Ms. Monster's classroom. She rarely speaks above a hushed whisper; accordingly, her speech text is tiny and oft-illegible. Yvette is one of the two kids (along with Xander) that waited the longest to get introduced into the Precocious strip, finally having her name revealed in #347. She has also recently graced Copper Road with a handful of silent cameos.

She is, however, just as evil as the other Precocious kids. Recently, in Autumn's birthday party arc, she used dolls of Autumn's parents to wreak mayhem.

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